18:49 18:4918:49

A big thank you to all visitors, bands and helpers for making this years edition a worthy ending of Raging Death Date history!! We had very funny and intense times in the years since 2009 and now contendendly look at the hole we leave.
It’s time for a new generation to step up! We’re looking forward to it.

12:46 12:4612:46

Reservation has ended. There will still be tickets at the box office.
We also updated our festival ABC for all your relevant information.

One main point: leave your glass at home!
Glasverbot RDD

We’re excited as hell for our final edition! See you this weekend!

23:08 23:0823:08

Hell yeah friends! All tickets are sold out in our onlineshop. Thank you all who decided to celebrate this dionysia with us.
If you weren’t lucky enough or just too damn lazy to order in the last 3 months: don’t worry! As our venue is suitable for a lot more of you than we sold tickets, you can now reserve your admission to damnation: Just send an e-mail with your name and the number of tickets you want to tickets@ragingdeathdate.de
Don’t expect an answer (just an automatic one, so you will know we received your message).
Reservation ends on March 24th.

Weekend ticket will be 55€, day ticket 35€ at the box office.

Beware! Eurynomos will play a special set with a lot of new material at our fest! Attend or repent!

18:56 18:5618:56

Running Order is online. You can find it through the corresponding menu item.

13:16 13:1613:16

With the last two additions we finalize the lineup of the last Raging Death Date:

Eurynomos @ RDD 2018

Eurynomos (with original Desaster singer Okkulto) will make you sweat if you want or not.

(the true) Veiled @ RDD 18

Additionally we bring you the live debut of VEILED to our stage. The most recent ejaculation of the endless chaotic maelstrom from Leipzig.
A foretaste of what is to come: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCghil7nymM

So this is the final lineup:

Raging Death Date 2018