15:44 15:4415:44

The Festival ABC has been updated and the running order is released. See you on Sunday!

20:26 20:2620:26

We welcome WARLUST on the billing!


There will be no presale this year, everyone will get access at the box office. Don’t worry the venue is very big, it wont be sold out. Entry will be 20€.

20:58 20:5820:58

Folks! Time is overdue for new band announcements!
So here they come:


Sodomizer – the Brazilian Black Speed undead will bring yet more horror and death to RDD!


MOSAIC will show you the last glimpse of winter while drowning our venue in deep and black sundscapes!
Stay tuned and don’t forget to call Easter off with your parents!

22:38 22:3822:38

…will take place! Only one day this year, Sunday of Easter, 16th of April 2017.
First confirmed bands for RDD 2017 are:

Goat Explosion – Heavy / Doom Metal –
Bloody Vengeance – World War Deaththrash –
Orae – Black / Death / Avantgarde Metal –
Nuctemeron – Black / Thrash Metal –

08:44 08:4408:44

Thanks for a good RDD 2016! See you next time!

Here are some photos: