15:43 15:4315:43

Sell your christmas presents and grab your little sister’s piggy bank for the PRESALE of Raging Death Date 2018 is starting tonight at 0:00!
Tickets are limited to 300 and are 49€ for the whole weekend.
Get your desecration documents here

To make it even more attractive to you we present you 3 new additions to our lineup:

Deathcult – Switzerland’s finest in oozing Death Metal will make you shiver!

Cherokee – Colognes answer to Thin Lizzy and Blue Öyster Cult! The Hard Rock shock!

MORAST – the return of the Death Doom steamroller to our stage. Tie your shoes tighter or get blown out!

11:36 11:3611:36

Welcome two new names to the billing for RDD 2018. Lace your hi-tops and keep your Stranger Things 80s mania for two bands evoking the spirits of those days:

Hellish Crossfire

HELLISH CROSSFIRE return to Neustadt! RDD regulars know they can only expect a show of relentless Thrash. This time they will slash your faces also with new material of their upcoming 3rd album!


Secondly we announce the appearance of Tension officially. If you got hold of one of our flyers in the real world yet, you may have already spottet the racy logo on the right. Till date only to see live within 50km of their hometown Leipzig this band delivers excellent Heavy Metal! Stay tuned as the recordings of their music will be unleashed in the next days.

Now hands off your pants and spread the word! Raging Death Date will come to an end! Join the nemesis party!

20:27 20:2720:27

Just as promised, here are the first announcements for Raging Death Date 2018:

Warrant (Ger)
Nocturnal Witch
Spittin Bones

Date: March 31st & April 1st, 2018

The Raging Death Date 2018 will be the last one of the annual series of events. We are looking forward to a last gathering, hopefully with as many of you as possible… those who kept faith with us over the last years.

15:44 15:4415:44

The Festival ABC has been updated and the running order is released. See you on Sunday!