Festival ABC


Status: 2018



Wotufa Saal
Ziegenrückerstraße 7
07806 Neustadt an der Orla

Access route:

Please use one of the map assistants provided by the beloved internet if you travel by car (coordinates: 50.732041,11.745387). If you travel by train escape at the station “Neustadt(Orla)” and from then on the festival may be reached by walking or by calling a taxi. Arrows will assist you to find your way!

Animals: have to stay at home and are neither permitted in thehall nor on the whole festival ground.

Arrival: Allowed on Friday, March 25th from 4 P.M. on (and for sure on the following days at every time). For exceptions caused by your journey/the long way you have to go, PLEASE ASK via the homepage/mail/facebook.

Accreditation: Preliminary report and festival review have to be handed in to get an accreditation.



Box office: Tickets will be available at the festival for those who have missed the presale. The service we offer is the same as for the the 2-day tickets sold in presale.
2-day-ticket: 55€
1-day-ticket: 35€

BBQ: It’s permitted of course, but open fire is strictly forbidden!



Camping: Right next to the venue where the bands play, on the lawn and in contrast to most of the festivals camping is for free. Limited space, first come, first serve.

Cashpoint: Just 500m from the festival area and on the local market place.

Cameras: Photo cameras are allowed contrary to video cameras, camcorders or similar stuff.

Cocktails: You might get them from your dealer but not here. 😉


Departure: Everybody should have left the festival area till Monday, April 2nd, 12 A.M.

Drinks: Available in the venue but you can also bring your own drinks which, of course, cannot be taken inside (no glass!).

Prices for drinks:

Draught Beer 0,4l 2,50€
Radler (Shandy) 0,4l 2,50€
Coke 0,4l 2,00€
“Fassbrause”, Lemonade 0,4l 2,00€
Sparkling Water 0,4l 2,00€
Orange Juce, Tonic Water 0,4l 2,00€
Cup of Coffee 1,50€
“Klopfer” (Single Shot) 2cl 1,50€
Double Shot 4cl 2,00€
Jim Beam, Tequila 4cl 2,50€
Longdrinks, 0,2l with a double shot:
Vodka-Coke 3,00€
Brandy-Coke 3,00€
Rum-Coke 3,50€
Gin Tonic 3,50€
Whiskey-Coke 3,50€
Vodka-Orange 3,50€
Vodka-Energy 3,50€
Jägermeister-Energy 3,50€
Cuba Libre 0,3l 4,50€

(Food and beverages are sold by the venue (WOTUFA)! We are not responsible nor accountable! Prices might differ as this is just the last information given by the leaseholder)

Hint: We have informed the local supermarket REWE, so that there will be a bigger amount of beer in cans and liquor for your supply!



Festival area: Includes the hall and the camping ground.

Fire: Open fire is absolutely forbidden but responsible barbecue with proper equipment is allowed.

Food: There will be stuff available from the barbecue. Otherwise you are self-responsible to either buy some food at the supermarket nearby or to bring your own stuff from home.

Prices for food:

  • French Fries 2,00€
  • Schnitzel w. roll 3,50€
  • “Currywurst” (sausage in curry sauce) w. roll 3,00€
  • Schnitzel w. French Fries 5,00€
  • Sandwiches 1,50€

(Food and beverages are sold by the venue (WOTUFA)! We are not responsible nor accountable! Prices might differ as this is just the last information given by the leaseholder)



Garbage(deposit): A wretched issue on festivals and according to our experiences we have to charge a garbage deposit of 5,00€ which will be returned in exchange for a FULL trash bag and the voucher at the end of the festival (but by no later than the official end of the festival: Monday, April 02nd, 12 A.M., Times to return the garbage bag: Sunday: 10 P.M. till 1 A.M. ; Monday: 10 A.M. till Noon). Both, a trash bag and a voucher will be given to you at the beginning of the festival.

Glass: ABSOLUTELY forbidden within the whole festival area. If you get caught with any sort of glass are forced to hand it over immediately. All (forbidden) items made of glass (even those containing jam or mustard) found during controls are withdrawn and destroyed without replacement!




Hotel “Goldener Löwe”
Bernd Eckner
Ernst-Thälmann-Straße 72
07806 Neustadt an der Orla

Hotel-Restaurant Stadt Neustadt
Ernst-Thälmann-Str. 1
07806 Neustadt an der Orla

More hotels & guesthouses can be found here:



Information: Available on/via our homepage (www.ragingdeathdate.de), facebook-page with every person organizing the festival (via mail: info[at]ragingdeathdate.de) and during the festival at the box office or with the organizers directly.



Lost property: If you find something that doesn’t belong to you, please hand it over to us at the box office or the mixing console. We will start a call-up for the lost things. After the festival the rest will be available for the owners on our homepage via a list which will be put on our there.



Merchandise: Bands will sell their own merchandise and the following labels will be at location:
• Undercover Records
• Cudgel
• Into Endless Chaos Records



Noise: No music from the cars and on the camping ground after 8 P.M.



Politics/propaganda: Left or Right –> Stay out! Will not be tolerated under any circumstances!!! A violation of this interdiction means that you have to leave the festival as we are not willing to face a confrontation with the cops.

Parking: You have no entitlement to a parking spot directly at the festival. First come, first serve.

Party: There will be an after-show party so that everybody can slowly finish the evening at the bar with beer, liquor and some more music. End point is 3 a.m. sharp!



Running Order: See menu-point “Running Order”.



Supermarket: It is not far from the festival area, but remember that it’s Easter and the supermarket will not open the doors to the regular times, so get your stuff as early as possible or bring your own stuff from home. The local supermarket REWE (Triptiser Straße 3, Neustadt an der Orla; ~1000m away from the venue; opening hours available at: rewe.de) will have an increased contingent of canned beer available.

Security: Keeps the festival save. Instructions have to be followed immediately!

Shower: Not available. Use the bathroom of the venue.



Train station: The station is located 1 kilometer away from the festival area. A shuttle bus will not be provided by us but taxis are available.

Toilets: Can be found inside the venue. It’s free of charge, for sure!



Wrist bands: Will be available.

Weapons: Leave them at home! Otherwise they will be withdrawn without substitution!



Youths & teenagers: Are just permitted on the festival ground according to the German law for the protection of youth and children. Please use this schedule (which allows you to visit the concert even after 10 P.M./midnight with a full-aged person who is mentioned on the schedule with permission of your parents).