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We want to thank all attendees of this years Raging Death Date! You have made the 2013 edition a big success!
Like many have already recognized before this should have been the last RDD. We had some issues and therefore we decided to just realize one festival day instead of the planned two.
Because of the extreme positive resonance and the many offerings of support we have after all decided to keep on and that there will be a Raging Death Date in 2014!
The date stays – like in the last years – the easter-weekend. This time again both days, meaning 19th and 20th of April 2014.
As a little foretaste we already want to present you the first 11 bands for next year. Some have already played the Wotufa Stage but like always we have some fresh blood:

Ragimg Death Date 2014

Gehennah (Swe), Pentacle (NL), Division Speed (D), Iron Kobra (D), Witching Hour (D), Erazor (D), Chapel of Disease (D), Abyssous (D), Blackwhole (D), II (D), Vidargängr (D)